Happy Independence Day to everyone in America. I hope you all are going to have a blessed and safe weekend. Enjoy your time off with loved ones and good friends and enjoy some good food and great company together. With it being the weekend there are so many events going on in everyone’s city. Weddings, Engagements, Baby Showers, Outdoorings, Big Charity events and so fort. And for some of these events you’re going too, you will need a nice style to still be fashionable but also still celebrate the holiday. This piece of the week is this beautiful red Jewlery set, a bracelet, set of eating and a necklace. This piece is perfect for all the events I mentioned earlier. This set is a very versatile piece. It can be dressy when needed but also dressed down so that it may look casual. This photo below signifies exactly what I mean. The model in this photo is dressed in a beautiful short blue dress, paired with the red Jewlery set and a nice red bold look. In this picture you see the model dressed up but in a very sutle, but classy way. In this photo the style is perfect for any event, a wedding, an engagement, even a birthday party, or a very classy event for Independence Day. You can also dress this down by wearing the bracelet and earrings with out the necklace and there you have it an outfit dressed up, or if your occasion this weekend is very dressy this style is perfect the way it is; and if you’re feeling very festive then you can pair it with some nice white heels and a matching white clutch and there you go red, white, blue. I hope this was help and whatever events you attend please stop by to the website Www.DandlowFashion.com for all your accessorie needs, I would be homered to be contributed to your fashionable weekend. Feel free to leave comments and send in your style ideas for this weekend and future events, I would love to see how fashionable you all will be this weekend. Be blessed and remember the Lord is always in control

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