If you’re planning your wedding and want it to have that authentic and traditional Nigerian flavor to it, there are couple of things you might want to consider. First and foremost one word: the aso oke. Yes!

The head wrap traditionally named aso oke is the most distinctive item for special occasions in the Nigerian culture and a paramount accessory for a bride on her wedding day.

In the picture below you can admire one of our popular aso okes with brown and orange stripes on it matched with a beautiful beads necklace and pair of earrings, deem on an authentic and outstanding Nigerian bride to be.

So it’s safe to say that if you’re planning a traditional Nigerian wedding, these wedding accessories that you can find online at are a must have.

However, besides being perfectly accessories and with a matching aso oke for a distinguished bridal look, any bride to be dreams about looking perfect from top to bottom, hair, makeup, nails and everything.

Well, it’s true and most importantly it’s necessary that we look and feel our best in the most important day of our lives. This is why, first of all, you need a great makeup and hair artist that is specialized in Nigerian style wedding makeup and hair.

And if you want a wedding makeup like this one in the picture, you need to go to, the place where makeup and hair magic happens.

Located in Lagos, Swanbeautyplace offers three type of beauty bridal packages for every new bride’s needs and wishes so that you’ll look a million bucks on your special day. So when planning the authentic

Nigerian wedding you need all the traditional accessories, starting with a well-designed aso oke on your taste, that you can find online in our store and of course, a pair of matching beads necklace and earrings.

No matter the color, style, shape or size of the bridal accessories that you’re looking for, at we have everything you need from necklaces and earrings to fans and bracelets, even clutches or bags and all the aso oke styles you can imagine.

At you can get your custom made bridal aso oke, clutch and beaded accessories for your bridal look, while is eager to enhance your beauty with their professional bridal package services for hair and makeup.

Now you’re ready to plan the traditional Nigerian wedding you’ve always dreamt of!

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Great post Danflow fashion. You sell good and quality gele as well as authentic accessories .

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