dark purple beads jewelry

We are in the middle of summer season and as far as fashion goes, we all want to look chic, fresh and of course, have that extra something to style our fashion. If you want to shine all the way through summer, then you need to right set of accessories besides the sexy low cut dress and the killer heels.

In terms of trendy accessories, this summer is all about beaded jewelry and accessories. Beads, stones and crystals are a girl’s best friends in terms of summer 2015 accessories and the good news is, our latest jewelry collection is all about trendy beads.

At DanFlowFashion.com we embrace the natural shine of crystals and beads and believe that they can add to your natural beauty and enhance your best features.

Besides the fact that we love beads, and we turned them into the focus point of our latest jewelry collection, we believe that another important ingredient for an amazing piece of summer jewelry is color.

This is why, our beaded jewelry collection is all about strong and shiny colors that mimic the amazing natural tones of exotic flowers that bloom during summer season at the tropics.

From deep purple tones to nectarine and berry reds and from ocean blue to coral and eclectic yellow, our collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the summer of 2015 has accessory pieces for every taste.

Inspired by African traditions with Edo bridal beads, our accessory collection has a flavor of ethnic touch with an addition of contemporary feel to it as well. The designer necklaces in our collection have large flower charms attached on the side and come with a pair of matching earrings and bracelet so that you will be fully accessorized and ready to embrace summer.

You can wear our designer accessories to wedding parties, dinner parties, and cocktail parties or even to special venues and cultural events, if you want to make a powerful statement. All of our designer accessories and jewelry are specially made to embrace both the femininity and the vulnerability of women, which is the greatest power a woman has.

By wearing our beaded jewelry you show that you are a confident and daring women in touch with your femininity that you appreciate in yourself. We invite you in our store to find the perfect beaded jewelry for you and see all the designer accessories we have there for you: http://www.danflowfashion.com/beads/

Have a lovely trendy summer!

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