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Sometime last week, Paper Magazine released some raunchy photo’s of Kanye West’s beloved belongings… his wife. Kim Kardashian’s photos for the cover of Paper magazine were revealed with the intent to “break the internet.” Yea about that… It did not happen. If you have no idea of what these images look like, be careful! She did not break the internet but she may however break down your most holiest of thoughts with the shots of her bare naked body. For some reason, which is beyond me, these photos were supposed to create a buzzing sensation and leave the world mesmerized. Well, the editors of Paper Magazine forgot one thing, although some of ours maybe smooth and other’s not so smooth, some big and some not so big, some real and some not so real… a lot of us also have the same body parts that Kimmie K revealed. And for those that don’t, it’s more than likely they’ve seen a naked lady before. Go figure.


Naya Rivera, who used to aspire (reflect or whatever you please) to be like Kim K, openly expressed her disapproval. Image courtesy of


By now, everyone has not only heard about Mrs. West’s stunt, but they have also heard and seen photos from Solange Knowles day of union with Alan Ferguson. Now this is what we at Danflow Fashion call Style. Apparently, we are not the only ones! Vanessa Friedman from The New York Times stated, “Solange Knowles’s much-ballyhooed wedding on Sunday heralded the advent of what will probably be numerous fashion trends: capes, all-white bridesmaid ensembles and so on.”




Solange Knowles Wedding

Now Presenting Mr & Mrs Ferguson Images courtesy of The Federalist


Whoo-hooo!! Well done Solange! Beyonce’s kid sister, has once again proven she is so much more than the little sister of an internationally known superstar. She is a fashion icon. Fully clothed and well cultured, Solange Ferguson, successfully took us all to school and taught us about class.

Critics and bloggers everywhere are ranting and raving about how wonderful she looks. We are all sure that many 2015 weddings and parties will also have an all white theme. Hey once your teacher teaches you something, what do you do? You practice it! We are excited to see what some of you will come up with!

Side note: all you brides to be, don’t feel too pressured though! Solange may not have been a bridezilla and although her photos are giving people inspiration and life everywhere, she had a few mishaps. The bride shared on instagram that she had a quick case of hives (a really not cute rash that you do not want on your wedding day… ouch!) but like the trooper she is, she recovered and even gave a shout out to Benadryl! LOL Style and a sense of humor.

From her handsome husband, her white cape, the pre-wedding jumpsuit, arriving to the wedding on bikes (another note to brides to be: you do not have to break the bank to be in style!), that voluptuous afro!! *fist pump in the air*, her gold cuff bracelets, her beautifully dressed mother and guests… Solange, I think it is more than safe to agree with everyone else and say you did it. In a world where sex has been selling things from bar soaps to levi  jeans and coco chanel perfumes, you broke the internet and you did it by making fashion your art. Well done and happy married life!



Solange and Julez NO FLEX ZONE from Charlotte Hornsby on Vimeo.

Oh and one more thing! She danced with her “favorite dance partner of all times”, her son. Watch the video and be sure to check out more of her wedding photos. Alrighty!!! That’s it. Until next time something fabulous happens in the world of fashion…or sooner. This is Ms. Ola Blessed signing out.



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